Malware & Spyware Removal in Utah

Has your computer been compromised with malware or spyware? Malware is installed on your machine, for the benefit of another party. Typically malware will steal your personal information, banking information, and leads to serious damage to your computer. Malware programs designed to “protect” your computer could end up transmitting the information to other parties without your knowledge.

Different Types of Malware

There are several different types of malware that can lead to issues for your computer. Some common malware categories include:

  • Virus – Software is installed via email attachments and websites and it will start to damage a computer by deleting files, destroying computer memory, and reformatting the hard disk.
  • Adware – This software will display ads when you are on the Internet.
  • Spyware – This software gathers information and will transmit it to other parties. Spyware will gather information about the websites you view along with your computer IP address.
  • Hijacking Software – Certain software will modify your browser settings and creates desktop shortcuts and advertising pop-ups. If a browser is hijacked, the software will redirect links to other sites, which can hinder your ability to visit the websites you want to see.

I Have Antivirus and Anti-Malware?

If you have an antivirus and anti-malware program, you are not completely safe. Malware writers are tricky and they get around a number of antivirus and malware programs. Malware finds a way around security holes and will compromise your machine. Some websites will use malware disguised as software you need to protect your machine. When people click “yes”, it can start installing the malware on your computer.

Superior Computers Malware Removal

Our team can detect a variety of malware problems deep within your computer. Some malware provides no uninstall option and will install code in unexpected places. Some malware will modify your operating system, making it challenging to remove. Superior Computers can help with your Utah malware removal needs. Call today, Ogden (801)627-1080, Syracuse (801)728-0583, or Brigham City (435)723-0956!